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GCE Cleans many different types of surface, but leather may be one that many people may not think needs to be cleaned regularly. There are many types of leather, and each type needs, to be handled and cleaned with care. Leather also covers a wide variety of surface, from foot stools, to couches, to seats in your car. That is why GCE technicians are specially trained to properly care for and clean leather.


Our leather cleaning process involves many steps to ensure that it is done properly. First the leather is examined to determine which type of leather the furniture, or even the leather in your car, that is next an approved cleaner is applied to break up dirt and grime that has accumulated over time. Our technicians gently works on tough stains and 100% dirt removal to ensure that the leather remains cleaner softer and smoother This process can take 1 to 3 hrs depending on the size of the leather sofa. Last of all the furniture's is wiped down with superior quality leather protectant in order to repel dirt and grime from everyday use.


Maintaining and cleaning leather properly can be an overwhelming process. That's why GCE has trained its professionals on the proper steps on leather cleaning. Call us today and let GCE be your leather cleaner today.

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