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"Natural" Carbonated Solution

GCE cleans, Home and Commercial Carpet with your health as our number one priority! We can make your carpets look and feel clean & fresh again while removing 100% of the contaminants in its fiber. 

The cleaning process ensure complete sterility and to leave your carpets clean and soft, rather than “crunchy” or “

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GCE's individuality in Carpet Cleaning System

The Process of GCE Carpet Cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning

crusty”.Our cleaning systems are proven to be the best at removing more soil without causing damage to fine fabrics of carpet. 

We are mastered to clean and restore carpets using an exclusive non-toxic & Eco-friendly cleaning solution with "Natural" carbonated solution that helps to rinse away the dirt and grease on carpet. GCE has "pH Balanced" solution combined with co2 bubbles and extraction to create a carpet cleaning process. Neutralizing your carpet fibers will retain maximum color possible and softness of fibers, this prolongs carpet life and beauty.

What Are The Advantages Of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Letting carpet cleaning to the professionals ensures investment done in to your carpet is well taken-cared of. Professional cleaners can remove the toughest & stubborn stains and clean up heavily soiled areas. All these are done with appropriate care for the fabric, and no damage comes to the carpet. Professionally cleaned carpets also smell fresh and free from any irritating odors and the carpets have an improved appearance.

With professionally cleaned carpets, the air quality in your office will also improve. Clean carpets mean that illness-causing germs have been eradicated, thus promoting a healthier office atmosphere. This should be done regularly to ensure that your carpets are well maintained and last a long time by giving you peace of mind that they’re safe for use on all carpets. Products used are pet safe and children safe.

We believe once we understand our clients needs and requirements, we can actually produce the carpet cleaning service they need. In bringing in best practices and presenting core competencies will make our carpet cleaning truly different from other competitors.

We provide Professional Carpet Cleaning Service.

Choosing our carpet cleaning company comes with a number of perks​:

  • Guarantee no smell and Carpet dries in 1 to 2 hour's time.

  • Allergens removal

  • Eco-friendly cleaning

  • Bacteria & Dust Mite elimination

  • Complete stain removal

  • Economical

  • Promotes Carpet Life

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Spin Bonnet Pads or Rotary Extraction 
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